Zeltex Inc. ZX-101XL Portable Octane / Cetane Analyzer

Product Description

Responding to the suggestions of  customers, Zeltex, Inc. has introduced the ZX-101XL, combining the proven track record of the ZX-101 line with the improvements suggested by you the customer. The ZX-101XL can tell you if you are reading Gasoline or Ethanol Blended Fuels helping you quickly measure any kind of fuel where you need it most, when you need it most.


  • Lab Accurate
  • Results in less than 20 seconds
  • Automatic fuel detection
  • Built in printer
  • Battery or A/C operated
  • Reliable, solid state design
  • Patented, proven technology

The ZX-101XL can be calibrated for:

  • Unleaded Gasoline (standard)
  • Ethanol Blended Fuels (standard)
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Leaded Gasoline

The ZX-101XL includes internal memory capable of storing 10 separate calibrations. Use the calibrations provided by Zeltex, or create your own calibrations using the Zeltex proprietary software provided.

Analysis can be done without removing the ZX-101XL from the briefcase. Simply open the briefcase, perform your analysis, then close your briefcase and you are on your way.