Seta Cloud and Pour Point Cryostat

Product Description

Part Number 93531-7

The Seta Cloud and Pour Point Cryostat has Four 2 litre compartments independently temperature controlled. Three compartments have a temperature range of ambient to -35°C (0 to -35 ±1.5°C). One low temperature compartment -35 to -51°C (±1.5°C). Each 2 litre compartment is individually temperature controlled and can accommodate four Air Wells. The lid is electrically heated to prevent the formation of ice and condensation. Refrigeration is accomplished by a two stage CFC free system. An internal spare canister of R507 refrigerant allows easy recharging of the second stage.


  • Four Individually temperature controlled compartments
  • Three compartments ambient to -35°
  • One compartment -35°C to -51°C
  • 2 litre bath capacity in each compartment
  • Four air wells in each compartment
  • Independent temperature control
  • Two stage ‘CFC free’ refrigeration system
  • Heated ‘anti-condensation’ lid


ASTM D2500-IP 219, ASTM D5853-IP 441, ASTM D6422, ASTM D97-IP15, BIS IS 1448 Part 10, BIS IS 1448 Part 110, BS 2000 Parts 15 & 219, DIN 51 597 (obs), EN 23015, FTM 791 201, ISO 3015, ISO 3016, JIS K2269, NF T60-105