Product Description



Turn-key crude oil distillation system for semi-automatic operation strictly conforming to ASTM D-2892.

The system is designed for automatic operation of the individual distillation stages, the fraction changes resp. the receiver changes are automatically carried out according to pre-selected boiling temperature or when the receivers are filled up.

The vacuum-tight fraction collector contains 9 receivers. The receiver volume is related to the flask size. There are 9 receivers available for each of the following distillation stages

– Atmospheric run
– 100 Torr run
– 10 Torr run
– 2 Torr run

thus max. 36 fractions can be obtained. After each of the individual distillation runs the volumes and weights of the fractions have to be measured and entered into the evaluation software. Final calculation of distillation results with printout of TBP cuves according to weight-% and volume-%.

The operation of the system requires water, nitrogen, compressed air and electricity to be supplied by the lab infrastructure.

Technical Data
Flask Size: 6 l
Flask Charge: 1 to 4 l
Operation Temperature: Up to 350° C (660° F)
Operation Pressure: Vacuum down to 1 Torr
Operation Range: Up to 400° C AET (750° F)
Total Wattage : 4500 W (without options)
Max. Ambient Temperature: 25° C
Mains Supply: 3 x 208 – 260 V, 50 Hz, 60 Hz upon request
Dimensions (w x h x d): 1.43 x 2.40 x 0.80 m