OFITE Pressurized Fluid Density Scale

Product Description


Drilling fluids and cements often have a considerable amount of entrained or trapped air that may give erroneous results when determining fluid density using conventional equipment. This air volume may be reduced or eliminated by pressurizing the sample cup, which will then give more accurate density readings.

The OFITE Pressurized Fluid Density Scale is similar to a standard mud balance. A sample cup of known volume is balanced by a fixed counterweight at the opposite end of a balance beam. A sliding weight rider moves along the graduated scale and a level bubble on the beam indicates when the system is in balance. The position of the rider on the graduated scale indicates the density of the sample.

In the centre of the lid is a check valve that allows a one-way flow of test fluid into the sample cup. A plunger attaches to the check valve and applies pressure to the sample cup. When the pressure in the sample cup increases, the check valve automatically closes, sealing off the pressure inside. A cap holds the lid in place.

Competitive Advantage :

Since the OFITE Pressurized Fluid Density Scale is machined and not cast, each unit is more uniform. There is more consistency between units and calibration is much easier.

OFITE was the first to develop a rugged, corrosion-resistant metal mud balance made of machined stainless steel. Our innovation in engineering allows us to continue to lead the next generation.

Features & Specifications:

Durability – The machined stainless steel construction is stronger, less susceptible to corrosion, and more consistent from unit to unit.

Ease of Use – The smooth finish is easy to clean and the laser-etched scales are clear and easy to read. The more consistent construction makes calibration easier.

Density Measurement Ranges – 52 – 164 lb / ft3 6.9 – 21.9 ppg .83 – 2.63 specific gravity 360 – 1130 PSI / 1000 ft

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