OFITE Model 2040 Automated HTHP Consistometer

Product Description


The OFITE Model 2040 Automated HTHP Consistometer was specifically engineered to determine the thickening time of well cements under simulated downhole pressures and temperatures. Recent enhancements, such as advanced controllers and optional computer control (including the ability to run multiple consistometers on one computer) bring the latest technology to this time-proven procedure.

The Model 2040 offers a computerised Data Acquisition and Control system, automatic temperature and pressure control, and a variable speed motor all standard in one easy-to-use unit.

Standard Features:

  • Computerised Data Acquisition and Control system provides detailed test information in convenient formats and can control multiple units from one computer. RS-232, Bluetooth™, and Ethernet connections available.
  • Automatic temperature and pressure control
  • Variable speed motor (0 – 150 RPM) powered by a magnetic drive
  • Easy-to-use two-piece lift-off cap for pressure cell
  • Drip tray next to cap provides a place to set the cap between tests without dripping oil on the unit casing
  • Convenient oil reservoir features a cap with built-in funnel to help prevent spills, a removable top and bottom that make cleaning easy, and a sloping bottom that collects sediment for easy removal
  • Visual indicator provides an at-a-glance status update during testing
  • Small footprint saves valuable lab space
  • Temperature, pressure, and consistency alarms
  • Conforms to API Specification 10 guidelines


  • Maximum Pressure: 40,000 PSI (275.8 MPa)
  • Maximum Temperature: 600°F (315°C)
  • Consistency Range: (0 – 125 Bc)
  • Digital Temperature Controller with 0.1° resolution
  • Pressure indicator resolution is 100 PSI and includes both high- and low-pressure alarms
  • Slurry cup rotational speed is 150 RPM
  • Size: 22.5″ × 27.5″ × 70″
  • Weight: Approx. 450 lb.
  • Crated Size: Approx. 26″ × 34″ × 76″
  • Crated Weight: Approx. 750 lb.

Instrument Requirements:

  • Air / Nitrogen supply (100 – 120 PSI)
  • Water supply for cooling (40 PSI)
  • Water Drain
  • 230-Volt, 50 / 60 Hz, 25-Amp electrical power supply

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