OFITE Lubricity Evaluation Monitor

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Product Description


The Lubricity Evaluation Monitor (LEM) is a laboratory device designed to evaluate lubricants by direct comparison. It determines the coefficient of friction between an interchangeable wellbore sample (casing, formation, sandstone, etc.) pressed against a rotating steel bob while immersed in a circulating cup of test fluid.


• Pneumatic ram applies side load pushing the bob against the sample
• Periodic refresh of test fluid by pulling bob away from sample at definable intervals
• Clamp allows samples of casing, formation, sandstone, etc. to be tested in the same fixture
• Computerized data acquisition and control
• Software
• Operator inputs rotational speed, side load, and refresh period
• Test archive provides access to historical data
• Graphs rotational speed (RPM), torque (in-lb), side load (lb), and coefficient of friction with respect to time

• Sample cup capacity: 350 mL
• Range of Mud Weights: 0.83 – 18.0 lb
• Torque Transducer Maximum Range: 100 lbf-in
• Torque Resolution: +/- 0.1% of full scale combined
• Maximum Side Load: 60 lbf
• Maximum Rotational Speed: 200 RPM
• Speed of Circulating Pump: 20 – 500 RPM
• Calibration: Coefficient of Friction of Water = .32 – .36
• Test Cell Material: Acrylic
• Bob Material: 4140 Steel – Rockwell Hardness of 37
• Electrical Supply: 220 Volts
• Air Supply: 60 – 100 PSI

Download brochure here: 113-00 – Lubricity Evaluation Monitor – Brochure