OFITE Frontier Kit

Product Description

What is it?

OFITE’s new Frontier Kit is a flexible and easy‐to‐use mud engineer’s kit containing a modified Model 800 Viscometer with retractable legs, a Kit‐Sized Full Area Filter Press, a Removable Retort, a Sand Content Kit, pH paper, and all reagents, glassware and supplies needed to run alkalinity, chloride, or hardness analysis.

What’s Included?

Model 800 Viscometer ‐ provides eight precisely regulated speeds for accurate shear rate and gel strength values. Modified with retractable legs, the viscometer fits easily within the case and is completely portable, operating from a 12 Volt battery or standard 115/230 Volt power.

Kit‐Sized Full Area Filter Press ‐ used for easily measuring filtrate, cake, and conducting chemical analyses.

Removable Retort ‐ for measuring the percentage by volume of water, fluids lighter than water, and total solids of a 10 ml sample.

Sand Content Kit ‐ consisting of a glass tube, funnel, and mesh sieve, this kit helps determine the volume percent of sand‐sized particles in the drilling fluid.

pH Paper ‐ used to help determine the chemical characteristics of the drilling fluid.

Reagents ‐ contains reagents (many in 8 oz bottles) for chemical analysis of mud/filtrate.

Why Do You Need It?

The Frontier Kit is perfect for mud engineers who need complete portability, but also require more accurate viscosity and shear rate measurements than what a hand crank rheometer, found in most other kits, can provide.

An easy to use kit‐sized Full Area Filter Press and large bottles of titrating reagents add to the kit’s usefulness and flexibility.

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