OFITE 4-Unit HTHP Filter Press, 175 mL

Product Description


The new 4-Unit HTHP Filter Press from OFITE is ideal for high-volume laboratory testing. It accommodates four 175-mL HTHP filter press cells.

Each cell has a separate electronic temperature controller and two separate pressure regulators (drive pressure and back pressure). This allows each cell to be heated and pressurized independently, while still sharing a single pressure source.

A variety of test cells are available for drilling mud or cement.

Please specify when ordering:

  • #170-12-1 – Single-Capped, For Filter Paper
  • #170-45 – Double-Capped, For Cement Screens
  • #170-45-1 – Single-Capped, for Cement Screens
  • #170-48 – Single-Capped, for Ceramic Disks
  • #170-46 – Double-Capped, for Ceramic Disks


  • Four independent test stations
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Drive pressure and back pressure regulators for each cell
  • Single pressure source
  • Complete with all components and accessories necessary to run four simultaneous tests


  • Maximum Temperature: 350°F (177°C)
  • Maximum Drive Pressure: 1,350 PSI (9.3 MPa)
  • Maximum Back Pressure: 750 PSI (5.2 MPa)
  • Cell Size: 175 mL (test cells sold separately)
  • Pressure Requirements: 3,000 PSI (20.7 MPa)
  • Power Requirements: Two 115-Volt or 230-Volt AC Power Sources

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