Multiflash – Cleveland Open Cup Module

Product Description

Part Number 34300-2

The automatic Cleveland module conforms precisely to national and international Cleveland open cup flash point test methods. It comprises a sample cup, temperature probe, flash/fire detector, and a DIPS pod containing the sweeping mechanism with co-axial gas/electric ignitor.

The Cleveland module must be used with the Multiflash Universal Base unit (p/n 34000-0). The base unit recognises that the Cleveland module is connected and instantaneously sets up standard test parameters and calibration data.


  • Fully self-contained flash/fire point test module
  • Ambient to 400°C
  • Exactly conforms to the requirement of Cleveland test method
  • Automatic set up of test parameters
  • Gas or electric ignition
  • Automatic heating control, flash and fire detection
  • Automatic test results & end of test audible warning
  • Automatic snuffer
  • Centigrade or Fahrenheit temperature display
  • Automatic barometric correction


AASHTO T48, ASTM D92, BS 2000 Parts 36 & 403 (obs), DIN 51 376, EN ISO 2592, IP 36, JIS K2265, NF T60-119