Corelab PC-DSC 0505 Ultraperm-500 Permeameter

Product Description

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UltraPerm Gas Permeameter

The Ultra-perm 500™ is a digital, steady state gas permeameter system for plug size and full diameter core samples. The Ultra-perm-500™ utilises precision mass flow meters and a differential pressure transducer array to bring steady-state gas flow measurements to a new level of sophistication.

Combining automated data acquisition with a real time graphical interface the accuracy and PC controlled measurement cycles the precision and range of measurements is enhanced. Visual colour changes in the pressure and flow rate displays alert the operator to data being collection in either the bottom 5% or the top 5% of the relevant devices operating range.

A real time plot of unitised pressure drop along the sample versus unitised flow rate allows the operator to determine if the laminar flow regime required for the application of Darcy’s Law is met. Criteria derived from Section 6.8 of the American Petroleum Institute’s “Recommended Practice for Core Analysis” are used to determine the transition from laminar flow to turbulent flow within the core sample. A traveling meniscus option allows measurements to be accurately made down to 0.001 md further enhancing the range of the system.

Data files are stored in HTML format allowing seamless importation into databases and spreadsheets such as Access and Excel. The UltraPerm-500 is compatible with both ambient and reservoir stress determinations using existing core holders.

Permeability Measurement Range: 0.001md to 40,000md.

Scope of Supply:
Ultraperm-500™ complete with:- Computer: 128MB Ram, 20GB Hard Drive, 17 inch LCD Monitor, CD-ROM Mouse, keyboard. Microsoft Windows XP Professional and the UltraPerm operating software are provided pre-installed on the PC.