Corelab Front DSC 0195 Linear X-Ray Core Scanner

Product Description

Advanced Rock Properties

Automated Linear X-Ray Scanning

Automated Linear X-Ray Scanning, developed in cooperation with major research centres and universities, provides for the series of automated linear x-ray scanning tables allow the unattended scanning of core samples, mounted in x-ray transparent core holders, during petrophysical experimentation at reservoir conditions. The system allows instantaneous saturation profiles to be recorded during flow experiments for the real time visualisation and control of saturation stability criteria.

The operating software allows the input of scanning criteria controlling slice size, number of slices, scanning time, repeat time and frequency of detector calibration to be set by the operator. Real time displays of saturation’s are available if all relevant base scans have been performed, as an average along the core length, as a function of time and also as discrete points along the core as a function of time.

Vertical orientation is ideal for the monitoring of slow flow rate gas floods, gravitational drainage simulations or for the avoidance of gravitational effects in high flow rate oil/water floods on high permeability samples.

The x-ray source and shield are independently tested and certified to exceed all statutory safety requirements and leakage certified to be less than 0.5 mR/hr at a 1-inch distance from the detector/source assembly. The system offers a number of advantages for relative permeability testing including core sample heterogeneity quantified as a function of time and distance, discrete average values for saturation, saturation profiles, flood front tracking, delineation of end effects and real time saturation monitoring.

Modular design enables integration with existing laboratory systems.