Corelab AFS-Oven Core Flooding System

Product Description

Advanced Rock Properties

Auto Flood Reservoir Conditions Coreflooding System, AFS-300

Auto Flood Reservoir Conditions Coreflooding System is an advanced, modular, computer controlled core-flooding system configured for liquid permeability, water flood, water flood susceptibility, chemical and solvent flood and unsteady state liquid/liquid and liquid/gas relative permeability tests.

This system is specifically configured to take advantage of Core Laboratories’ 50 years of performing water-flooding and simulation experiments and incorporates the latest benefits of Core Lab’s client focussed R & D program. The unit is configured for liquid/liquid gas/liquid displacements under unsteady state conditions at confining pressures up to 10,000 psig (690Bar), pore pressure up to 9,250 psig (616 Bar) and temperatures up to 300 °F (150 °C) with Viton seals. For temperatures up to 430 °F (200 °C) Aflas seals and sleeves are used in place of the Viton.

Automated data acquisition and logging of pressures, temperature, flow rate and displaced fluid along with automated file back-up is controlled by the operating software.

Scope of Supply:

Environmentally Safe Oven rated to 450 °F (±1 degree) with automatic temperature control and lighted interior, with class 1 safety features.