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Impurities in petroleum and other liquid fuels don’t just lead to diminished performance. They can also lead to significant and potentially dangerous accidents, along with potential losses which these accidents entail. By making use of reliable, precise flash point testing equipment, suppliers and end users of liquid fuels can ensure that samples remain undiluted and free from tampering.

Mindex has supplied some of the world’s leading petroleum refining and processing companies with cutting-edge testing technology, and can boast a client list including Shell Nigeria, the Kenya Pipeline Company and the Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO). These clients demand the best possible levels of service and quality, and that’s just what they – and you – will receive.

Flash Point Testing Equipment, Installed Throughout The UK, Africa and The Middle East

Wherever you are located, whether in Britain, Africa, or the Middle East, Mindex’s team of laboratory instrumentation specialists is available to offer you our expert advice and assistance.

Our team is able to supply and install any of the flash point testers listed below, and we are happy to draw upon years of experience in the African and Middle Eastern markets to provide you with full on-site training. That way, we can ensure that you always receive the best possible performance from our products.

Our Flash Point Testing Equipment

The following testing equipment is currently stocked and supplied by Mindex. For more information, please select one of the flash point testers and click “Read More.”

Supported Testing Methods

The flash point testing equipment supplied and installed by Mindex Ltd is fully approved to carry out a number of internationally recognised flash point testing methods.

These methods include (but are not limited to): ASTM D52, D56, D92, D93, D3278, D3828, D7236 – depending on the flash point tester that you choose.

For full details on each of our products and the testing methods which they support, please click on your product of choice from the selection on this page.

For further information, or a full consultation, contact Mindex now on +44 1293 408 123.

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